The drain is one area of the house that is not thought about often. Only when there’s a maintenance issue this area is given any consideration. Once in a while, things need taking care of to avoid long-term maintenance problems.



A few handy tips and information can help homes maintain their drains sufficiently enough to ask for professional help only when required.

How Can Professional Drain Cleaning Services Help?

1. They can help eliminate a slow drain – Drains become slow when they face issues. Before becoming dysfunctional, drains begin to show slow performance. The professional drain cleaning service will identify if the slow drain is due to a blockage in the homeowner’s system or if it is caused by the mainline serving the home. They can diagnose the problem and ensure proper treatment so that the blockage doesn’t turn into something serious. If you can identify the source of the problem, well. If not, call the professionals.

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2. Drain cleaning services offer services to reduce home odors – Every home faces this issue. Even when the drainage may be working fine, there could be food items rotting further down the line or something more serious that causes a foul odor. Professional service providers will detect the source of the odor and take steps to get rid of it. They have the equipment and experience to deal with such problems.

3. Drain cleaners can help identify other serious issues – They are professionals who have the knowledge to recognize other serious issues. The problem may have something to do with the bathroom or the kitchen. If not fixed, the problem might lead to a blockage or a leak within the home. There could also be a potential problem with the vent in the drain that may threaten the safety of the people on the property. Timely involvement and detection of problems can help avoid major expenses later.

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Sooner or later, every home will face the drain clogging problem eventually. Whenever you are faced with the prospect of a blocked drain, engage a professional from the Schaumburg, Illinois drain cleaning service.

When choosing a professional drain cleaning service, ask for a free estimate. Most companies provide a quote. The rate may vary from one to another. But knowing the upfront costs will help you decide which service to go for the cleaning and also give you an idea of how much it is going to cost you.

Though the drain clog might bother you most during the daytime and that is when it is best to get it fixed. But emergencies may happen any time during the day. Select a service that will do the plumbing even during nighttime if required.

Is there a money-back guarantee? In the event that the cleaning was ineffective or the level of service wasn’t as expected, ask for money back. A company that provides money back is sure of its service levels. That helps you be assured you will get quality service.

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You already know that having running water at home is essential for many different chores. But unless you experience a water pressure issue, you might not realize how much you depend on it.

Low water pressure can be very annoying, especially if the issue keeps getting worse. Low water pressure can occasionally be resolved quickly, but it can also persist over time. Homeowners would benefit from being aware of the typical causes of low water pressure as well as possible solutions. Additionally, homeowners might gain from knowing how to avoid future instances of low water pressure.

Water pressure issues can have a number of causes. Here is a look at some of these typical problems and potential fixes.

Buildup of Debris in Pipes

Water pressure can readily be affected by a pipe obstruction. If contaminants back up because of water main breaks, they may clog pipes. Over time, mineral buildup clogs pipes, which lowers water pressure.


Oxidation produced by corrosion builds up on the inside walls of pipes, obstructing the passage of water. It is typical in older galvanized steel pipes, just like mineral scaling. A corroded pipe ultimately starts to develop holes before it entirely breaks.

Meter valve for water

Your home’s water pressure may be affected by a valve that is partially open or closed. Check to determine if the water meter valve is fully open if you just had plumbing work done and the water pressure is low.

Broken Pressure Regulator

The purpose of the pressure regulator is to keep the water pressure constant in plumbing systems when one is installed. Adjustments are typically not required because the manufacturer typically sets it at between 45 and 60 psi. Adjust the regulator if your water pressure is low. But if the gadget is broken, it might need to be fixed or replaced, which calls for a qualified plumber.


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Closed Shut off Valves

There is a main shut-off valve for the homeowner as well as local shut-off valves in addition to the main shut-off valve. Any of these valves may have some of the way closed.

The homeowner should check the main shut-off valve for the house if the water supply for the entire house has been affected. The owner should check the local shut-off valves if only one fixture’s water supply has been affected.

When a plumbing fixture is not enclosed in a cabinet, such as a toilet, local shut-off valves are often found on the wall behind the fixture. Sinks and other fixtures that are installed in vanities typically have a shut-off valve on the wall below the fixture, which is frequently placed in the cabinet.

Sometimes there are shut-off valves in the wall behind the fixture for showers and bathtubs. Homeowners might discover an access panel on the wall behind the fixture to gain access to the shut-off valve. The local shut-off valve may be located in the home’s basement or crawl space if it cannot be accessed through an access panel behind the fixture.

Depending on the design and arrangement of the home, finding the main shut-off valve may be challenging. If a house has a basement, the shut-off valve is generally located 3 to 5 feet or less from the point where the water enters the house.

Water Supplier Issues

You can have low water pressure at home if your water provider is having issues with water pressure. You cannot resolve problems with your supplier or the public water supply from your house. Contact your water supply provider to find out if any issues are occurring and when they are anticipated to be rectified if your neighbors are also having a problem.

Plumbing leaks

Plumbing leaks can cause a wide range of issues. One of them is low water pressure, which occurs when some water in your plumbing system does not reach its intended location. It either pours out of the pipe or is diverted. Contact us immediately away for expert plumbing service in Northern Virginia if you see or suspect a leak. In order to stop further damage, Cardinal Plumbing offers emergency services and may respond right away.

There are many things that homeowners can do to keep their home’s plumbing in good condition. Following best practices can help them maintain their home’s value and a good quality of life in their home.

Some low water pressure problems are straightforward to resolve with do-it-yourself projects, including checking valves and using drain snakes, although this much relies on where the low water pressure is coming from and what’s causing it. However, it could be necessary to hire a professional agency to check your complete plumbing system if low water pressure affects your entire house or structure. You might need to replace your complete plumbing system if your pipes are old or your plumbing system is out of date. More issues than just low water pressure might be brought on by clogged or damaged water lines.


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We take pride in reaching your location promptly, diagnosing your plumbing issue quickly and taking action.

Fox Valley Plumbing & Backflow emergency plumbing service professionals bring with them all the specialized equipment typically needed to inspect, detect and repair burst pipes, major clogs, backups and other plumbing catastrophes.

We’ll explain the problem and solution and fix it right the first time. We’ll even help you prevent future plumbing problems by inspecting your entire system as part of our service to you.

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The Plumbing in your home or business is bound to have issues, even if we safeguard with thorough plumbing preventative maintenance plans in place. You may think its only happened to you, but trust us when we tell you that is not the case. Everyone has plumbing issues and there are a few well known plumbing problems that happen to most, if not all, homeowners & business owners. The key is to not panic and know who to call for help. Make sure they are available 24/7 and are a fast response company.   Drain Problems It happens ever-day. In restrooms the problem is generally caused by hair or soap scum clogging up the drain. In the kitchens it could be greasy food or oils that may get into the sink. Your Solution Most of the time these are not emergencies and you don’t need to call your plumber at 4 am, depending on how bad the blockage is, you may want to call your technician as soon as the regular business hours resume. TIP: Use a hair strainer in your drain and avoid dumping leftover oils in your sinks. A Running Toilet That annoying noise. The continuous sound of water running that for some reason sounds like money running downing the drain. While your toilet may not be giving away cash, you are. The facts are your water is constantly filling the bowl, which will increase your water bill. TIP: Fix it as soon as possible. Your Solution This can be an easily resolvable problem or it can be something that needs to be seen to at once. It all depends on the severity of the ‘run’ and calling your local plumber in, will be at your discretion. Visually assess the problem and make a decision if it needs to be seen to immediately or if it can wait until the A.M. We’d advised that you do have it fixed asap in order to save cash for other things besides costly utility bills.

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Drippy Faucets & Fixtures Ahh yes, the pleasing sound of dripping water that can completely drive a person insane (you hear it)…  If you believe that losing a drip or three of h20 is no big deal remember that every drop counts. Bottom line: It will have an impact on your utility bill. Your Solution Now of course this is not an emergency, unless the sound is driving you crazy. Get it looked at as soon as possible. It’s not a complicated problem to resolve. Leaking fixtures and running toilets are not a good combination when it comes to saving money. Unmaintained leaky fixtures could also have side effects on your plumbing system as a whole. This could possibly cause your fixtures to rust or act as a catalyst for mold growth. Low Water Pressure Low water pressure can equate to a frustrating shower or long wait time for a bath to fill up. There are several reasons this could be happening.  It could be the age of your plumbing system, your plumbing system setup or issues with the local water supply. Your solution If the problem lies with the local municipal water supply this could be difficult to repair. If the problem is the age of your system, we can fix that. If you. Have a leak and you cannot determine it’s origins, call a skilled professional to resolve this as quickly as possible. Busted Water Pipe This-one thing can ruin a whole property. If your pipes are too old or damaged in any way due to severe weather conditions such as the aftermath of a hurricane or roots growing through and around your piping, you might be cleaning up gallons and gallons of water sooner or later.. Your home will be waterlogged and you will lose precious memories and valuables in the process. Your Solution Call an emergency plumber immediately before the damage to your property becomes completely irreparable. Fox Valley Plumbing & Backflow Stand behind our Exceptional Service Guarantee. We offer a variety of plumbing services and should you live in or around Elgin, Il and are in need of an emergency plumbing service, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. Remember we are here to serve you…

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The New Year is here again.

Some of us are we are thinking about our New Year’s resolutions. The usual promises to eat better and shed some pounds. Well how about saving some money this year with some plumbing resolutions as well?

All home owners know maintaining good care of your investment will pay off in a multitude of ways specifically in regards to your home or business’s plumbing.

It’s sometimes easy to forget that the plumbing works all day. This makes it susceptible to problems. Don’t call the plumber if you don’t have to in the New Year!


Add a few plumbing resolutions to your list and don’t worry about your plumbing in 2019.

Your garbage disposal is not a garbage can – Though it does say the word garbage, trust us, all garbage is not for your garbage disposal. Promise yourself to properly dispose of food waste in the New Year. It will save you a few hundred dollars in the end. 

Take Charge – A lot of times a minor leak or clogged pipe or drain can turn into a real pain. Pay very close attention to all things that don’t seem right, loud sounds, water that doesn’t get hot or stays too hot, water squirting or a change in the color of your faucet water.

These small hazards will not stay small. They often end up being expensive emergency calls.

Get new appliances if possible – Are some of your appliances 7, 10 or even 15 years old? 

Appliances at the end of their shelf lives can cause more problems then they are worth.  Invest now and save later.  A busted water heater can turn into a flood real fast in a hurry. 

Having a good functioning water system means fewer chances of issues that will cause emergency hazards in the future.

TIP: Consider ENERGY STAR labelled products as they will be more energy efficient, saving you some cash on your total energy bill. 

Talk To A Professional Like Us– If you have any questions or concerns about your home or business’s plumbing system, having an expert like Fox Valley Plumbing & Backflow in Elgin Illinois to come for an inspection to make sure everything is running properly and efficiently will give you a peace of mind.

In 2019 and for years to come whenever you have a plumbing problem you cannot or don’t want to solve yourself,  Call 847-624-3872 and we’ll take if from there. 

Happy New Year… 

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What Causes a Pipe to Leak?
When pipes corrode, they leak and cause many unwanted problems to your home.

High Water Pressure:
High water pressure can cause wear and tear on your pipes. Water running through your pipes at high speeds can cause your pipes to burst or leak.

Tree Roots:
Roots of trees, bushes and big shrubs growing in through the connection points of the pipes can cause obstructions that are tough to deal with as a homeowner.

The long thin roots form masses that can grow into tight balls and then grow until they fill the pipes in every direction causing them to leak.

Keeping your home drains free of roots and obstructions is a worthwhile endeavor. Tree roots can apply a lot of pressure to the system as they grow. They can even crush pipes rendering them useless.

Power rodding can save you the hassle and expense of such repairs. To date, power rodding remains one of the best ways to deal with this invasive and irritating problem.

Broken Water Line or Leaking Pipe in Elgin IllinoisTemperature Changes:
Winter in Elgin and most of Illinois, brings snow, ice and plummeting temperatures that can wreak havoc on plumbing. A ruptured water line can cause extensive, costly damage and disrupt your life or business.

Make sure you winterize your property outdoors, draining pools and irrigation systems and hoses, insulating and covering outdoor faucets and securing doors and windows in garages and outbuildings with water supplies.

Foundation Shifts:
Small shifts in your home’s foundation as it settles over time can create your water lines to move, causing them to disconnect or rupture.

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Are you wondering why your water bill has been increasing over the past few months?

At the end of the year when you pay your taxes and you glance at your expanses, you’re not looking for any surprises. If you look at your water bill and compare them to last years, you will probably wonder why are they increasing.

There are a lot of reasons as to why your water bill is rising that are not so evident. The good news is once you can identify these reasons, getting your water bill back were you like it. Let’s take a look at some of the common reasons water bills increase under the nose of the homeowner:

1. Your Toilets Won’t Shut Off
Some “classic” toilets use as much as five to seven gallons of water per flush. Commodes use more water than any other fixture in a home. When they’re not working like they are supposed to, the water usage could rise.

When your water bill surprisingly jumps north, check your toilets. Toilets that are not working properly will run forever. Running toilets are the most common source of high water bills. It could be because of a seal issue, if that’s the case it’s going to keep running to refill itself. This uses a lot of extra gallons of H20.

2. Unseen Leaks
Unseen leaks are another culprit that can cause a increase in your water bill. An Unseen leak, by definition, is usually a leak not visible to the naked eye. If you cant see it, you don’t know to fix it. Even worse, an unseen leak can damage your home.

Unseen leaks can lead to mold growth, water stains, rot, and flooding. If you suspect a hidden leak you might consider hiring a Barrington Illinois plumber who can check your water pressure and then know where to look.

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3. Dripping Faucets
They don’t seem like much at first, but over time a ghost drip adds up. One dripping faucet left unrepaired for a month can end up expelling hundreds of gallons of wasted water. Drips are not just annoying–they can cost!

If you are unable to remedy the drip yourself, hire a professional plumber to help you out. Plumbers are good at sniffing out problems like locating and fixing a leaky faucet, solving the pesky problem of no hot water in the shower, and dishwasher leaks, just to name a few.

4. Not WaterSense Approved
The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) created the WasterSense Program to help promote water conservation efforts. If your appliance comes with a WaterSense label, it means it is 20% more efficient than comparable products.

The efficiency is achieved through ecologically-friendly technology. Measurable results are available, so you can compare appliances yourself. If you’ve changed out an appliance with one that is not WaterSense approved that could be the culprit for your rising water bill.

5. Situational Factors
A rising water bill can also be the result of other factors like hosting a guest or family member for an extended period of time. According to the USGS Water Science School , one person uses about 80-100 gallons of water per day in the U.S.

You can easily see how additions to the family can spike your water bill. Ultimately, if you’re not sure why your bill is rising contact a trusted plumber and chances are they’ll be able point you in the right direction.

If you need help, call Fox Valley Plumbing & Backflow.

We offer 24 hour emergency plumbing services; even if it’s a holiday weekend, or late at night, we will help you..

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Winter Plumbing Problems

Winter plumbing problems are on a steep rise as winter is here. We hope you prepared your plumbing for the freezing weather.

Home & businesses that aren’t properly insulated pose a risk to the plumbing fixtures inside, and if the pipes are exposed to freezing cold temperatures, they freeze up fast. Frozen plumbing is one of the worst plumbing problems that can happen in your home especially in the dead of winter.

Frozen busted pipes will result in costly water damages, which is why it’s critically important to properly winterize your plumbing before the first freeze hits.

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Keep An Eye Out For Ice

Avoiding a frozen plumbing catastrophe means not ignoring the warning signs of a frozen pipe and most importantly knowing how to prevent them.

If your pipes are frosty, it may be inviting to try and defrost the plumbing yourself, but correcting the problem should be the job of a licensed plumber. Your plumbing is tricky, and it can be extremely dangerous without the right training, tools and certification.

The quicker you treat frozen plumbing, the better, as the built-up pressure inside can burst your plumbing over an extended amount of time. To dodge a plumbing disaster, here are a few cautioning signs to watch for.

Ice on Pipes
See if you can locate any of the plumbing inside your home or business. If you see any ice accumulating outside the pipes, that can be a sign that the plumbing is nice and frosty.

No Flowing Water
Ice pipes freeze all running water from flowing from your faucet. If there is no H2o flowing out of the faucet, it means it’s frozen.

Stinky Odor
If you smell something funky, perhaps something funky stinky, the issue could be a frozen pipe. Pipes that partially or completely clogged, give any foul odors no place to go but back up.

Creepy Noises
If your pipes are frozen, that means there is air that can’t escape the sewer line, and the result is a air under water sound when you flush the commode or use the basin. Screeching, banging, and clanking sounds are also noises to listen for, as they can specify a damaged pipeline.

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Wintertime Plumbing Groundwork

Besides knowing when it’s time to contact a professional plumber, the best way to protect your plumbing is with proper preparation.

Winter, and the frigid temperatures that come with it are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you or your plumbing have to suffer this winter season. To spare yourself the costly repairs of a few busted pipes, here’s what you can do to prevent your plumbing from freezing.

Insulate Your Pipelines
Insulation is the best type of protection between your plumbing and the freezing temperatures, which is why it’s important to add a layer of insulation to your plumbing if you haven’t already.

Using some foam pipe insulation, which can be found at any local hardware store, make sure you seal any gaps.

Insulate Your Home
To protect your plumbing, it’s important that your house is properly insulated as well, which means sealing any air leaks. Check the insulation inside your home, and replace any damaged insulation. Attics and basements should be checked for any air leaks from doors, windows, and vents.

Let Your Faucets Run a Little
If it’s below freezing outside, let your faucets run a low and steady drip. Letting your faucets drip eliminates pressure that can build up between the faucet and an ice blockage.

A constant small running stream of water inside your pipes can not only prevent some freezing, but a burst pipe in case the water does freeze.

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Don’t Forget Your Hose Bibs
It’s easy to do, but don’t forget the plumbing outside your house. Garden hoses should put away, and the hose bibs, drained and properly insulated.

Hose bibs that are left exposed to the frigid temperatures, can cause some serious damage to the valves leading up to them.

Open Pantry and Cabinet Doors
Keeping your home well-heated helps to prevent frozen plumbing, but proper heating requires proper circulation. Leaving all the pantry, cabinet, and otherwise closed doors open allows the heat to fully circulate throughout
your house.

Don’t Wait Until Your Pipes Burst

Malfunctioning plumbing is a pain, and a busted frozen pipe can lead to costly repairs and devastating flood damage. That’s why it’s important to winterize your plumbing before a plumbing catastrophe can happen.

Your warmth and comfort should never be at stake when it comes to your plumbing. Luckily with some preparation, you can stay warm and enjoy your plumbing without the damages. Call us today, and let them answer any winter plumbing concern for you.

Call Fox Valley Plumbing & Backflow Today for more details on your winter plumbing…

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