Video Sewer Inspection


Fox valley Plumbing offers sewer inspections that will save you time and money. Our visual electronic inspection process allows us to accurately identify and locate troubled spots in your drain lines and sewer lines. Our State of the Art electronic equipment allows us to precisely locate the problem and identify the direction and depth of the inspected pipe. With this highly accurate information, we can locate problem areas in the line to include any connecting lines that exist such as storm drains and downspouts. We can diagnose the condition of your sewer lines and advise you on the situation and discuss your solution options if necessary.

Sewer-Video-Inspection-State-Of-The-Art-Drain-Camera-elgin-ilThis type of nondestructive inspection uses remote cameras that can be deployed via cleanouts and access points in your lines. The cameras send video back to our technicians in real time giving them a full color, high resolution video which can then be used to diagnose your systems problems as well as potential future problems. This is done without having to dig up your system, interrupt your operations for extended periods of time or speculate on distance or depth. The precision process utilizes the best technology available today. This keeps the time and expense of system diagnosis to a minimum while offering amazing results.

At Fox Valley Plumbing we are committed to using the best tools available to get the job done efficiently and right the first time, every time. Our professional plumbing experts use high quality pipe inspection tools that can identify your sewer line obstructions and problems easily and with pinpoint accuracy. This recipe for success offers you serious cost savings. These cost savings save our residential and commercial clients hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in time, diagnostics and repair costs. With our years of experience, attention to detail and high tech equipment, we can troubleshoot your sewer problems to include tree roots, broken pipes, grease build-up, and mainline sewer back-ups and more. Our expert plumbing technicians will help you identify the cause of your sewer problems and offer you solutions that work.


A line Inspection Services Examination includes:

  • A video inspection, using high tech, high resolution, full color camera.
  • A DVD with audio play by play.
  • A consult on potential solutions, including the estimated costs involved.
  • A full color unedited digital video of the examination.


At Fox Valley Plumbing, our professional and courteous plumbing technicians will treat your home and business with respect. We always take preventative measures to keep our work areas clean and safe. Through the use of shoe covers, drop cloths other measures we work to keep your property and our work area protected from the process of inspecting, diagnosing, clearing and resolving your sewer issues and blockage problems. Clean, accurate, safe and efficient work can be expected from our diagnostic plumbing professionals.

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