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Our service areas are within Kendall, Cook, Dupage & Kane Counties
Commercial and domestic properties that have backflow systems cannot operate legally without a backflow preventer in place. It is required as a safety measure to prevent the polluting of the water mains. Backflow systems have to be tested every year.

Backflow Services

Our professional plumbers and technicians are licensed to repair, replace or service plumbing systems in commercial and residential properties. To ensure the safety of our clients and our staff, our Company is fully bonded and insured.

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Backflow preventers certified testers have to be re-certified every year, making surebsi_online they stay up to date with the fast changes in technology and the appropriate pressure specs for various models of valves.

Though it may be annoying to inspect your backflow system every year, it is vital for the protection of our water supply. Call us for your backflow inspection today.

Our experienced backflow technicians are licensed and bonded to test, inspect, repair, and install backflow preventers in all cities and counties throughout the state of Illinois.