High Pressure Water Jetting Services

Clogged Up Plumbing In Your Home Or Business?

Our high pressure water jetting services are an efficient and safe way to clear out your home or business sewer and septic lines. It is safe for you system and safe for the environment. It is the quickest and most efficient way to clear out whatever is causing your line blockage and permanently remove it.

There are many advantages to high pressure water jetting. Not only will it do a great job cleaning and clearing your pipes and drains, it does so using nothing more than water. Because it is a chemical free process, it is safe for your pipes and the environment. The levels of pressure involved in the process, ranges from 1,500 to 3,000 pounds per square inch. Our equipment is capable of cleaning out up to 200 feet of piping.

hydro-drain-jetting-plumbing-toolThe pressure nozzle fitted at the end of the water supply line, utilized forward and rear jets to break up the blockage and push the debris towards the access point. This means that the clogs are removed and not pushed further down the line. Snaking a drain to clear out blockages can be fairly effective as a means to restore flow but lacks the safety and efficiency that only high pressure water jetting can afford you.


Water jetting will uniformly scour the walls of the pipes removing grease deposits and mineral deposits that snaking your system would tend to leave in the system creating potential for future issues. Where snaking is involved, the snake can push through a clog and never really remove it. Our high pressure water jets, blast up to 5 gallons of water per minute, cleaning out and clearing the pipes of everything in its wake. This process leaves nothing behind but clean free flowing lines.

Due to the amazingly high pressures involved in high pressure water jetting, we generally reserve this technology for outside sewer and septic lines. Where industrial applications are involved, like cleaning out drains in commercial kitchens, there is no better way than water jetting.

high-pressure-jetting-elgin-ilOur professional and expert plumbers, at Fox Valley Plumbing, are highly trained and skilled at employing this equipment on interior piping. They can do it safely and with a high level of attention.

With this level of pressure, attention to detail and safe operation of the pressure jetting machinery is necessary to do the job safely and efficiently. It can be very easy to damage your lines, pipes and potentially your entire plumbing system. Don’t try this yourself, Call Fox Valley Plumbing today. We can assess your troubled plumbing system and its components. We can offer you safe options to getting your system clean and functioning well. We perform our services safely effectively and efficiently.

At Fox Valley Plumbing, our professional and courteous plumbing technicians will treat your home and business with respect. We always take preventative measures to keep our work areas and your property clean and safe. Through the use of shoe covers, drop cloths other measures we work to keep your facilities protected from the process of cleaning, clearing and resolving your blockage problems. Clean, safe and efficient work can be expected from us each and every time you choose our services.

Let Fox Valley Plumbing do all the work and the customer gets a discounted hourly rate with all contracts.



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