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Local homeowners and businesses call on Fox Valley Plumbing for all their commercial and residential plumbing needs. We service Will, Kendal, Cook, Dupage, and Kane Counties.

When you need a plumber in any of these surrounding counties, it would be our pleasure to service your home or business.

Being centrally located in Elgin, Illinois we offer a swift and professional service, so call us now for a speedy as well as professional plumbing and backflow solution.

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Water Heater Repair & Sales

Our plumbers are licensed and have the resources and necessary expertise to repair both electric and gas water heaters.  Our team of professionals will repair the water heater and keep the hot water flowing so that you can enjoy the sanitation and comfort that you require.

As water moves through the water heater system, minerals and other sediments accumulate in the system and settle at the bottom. These sediments reduce the efficiency in the heater thereby making it heat water slowly and consume a lot of energy. If the water heater is not repaired, it may increase your energy bills as well as cause other parts of the system to malfunction. You can prevent this by requesting Fox Valley Plumbing to repair your water heater. Other than repairing it, we will check the whole system for any hitches to prevent future problems in the water heater system.


Tankless Water Heater Repair & Sales

Tankless water heaters are more durable, reliable, cost-effective and energy efficient than tank water heaters. For this reasons, many people across the world have installed them at their homes. Although they are durable, they require occasional repair or service so that they can function optimally. If the water temperature decreases or something else happens, it is advisable that you contact Fox Valley Plumbing for prompt sales or repair services at competitive prices.

Sump Pump Repair & Sales

Sump pumps are vital in preventing flooding in your home. If the sump pump fails to empty or kick out or the battery fails, then you will experience a problem. At Fox Valley Plumbing, we repair, replace and install sump pumps in and around Chicago Illinois. No matter the problem, our technicians will diagnose it quickly and replace or repair it appropriately and quickly. Our sump pump sales, repair and installation services are unbeatable.


Residential Plumbing Services

Our licensed and honest plumbers are always ready to fix any plumbing product or problem. If you want to repair, install or replace faucets, sinks, toilets, sewer lines, water heaters, grease traps or other plumbing products, contact us for the best plumbing services.

Our professional plumbers and technicians are licensed to repair, replace or service plumbing systems in commercial and residential properties. To ensure safety of our clients and our staff, our Company is fully bonded and insured.

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