Tankless Water Install & Repair

Six Reasons to Install a Tankless Water Heater in Your Home

Space Savings

The old school hot water heaters can take up to 17 square feet of valuable real-estate. These days, we need all the space we can get. Take a look at the image to the left. See the difference? The tankless water heater dwarfs in size compared to the large, bulky, older-style hot water heaters.

Tankless water heaters are about the size of a carry-on suitcase and can be installed on virtually any wall inside or outside of your home. The size usually depends on the model. The Noritz tankless water heater maintenance video weighs between 70 and 80 pounds and is mounted on the wall, which means more floor space within your home.


Enjoy Fresh Water
The old-style hot water heaters have a tendency to build up, scale, and rust inside the tank, which is the same hot water you use for your shower and your cooking. When using a tankless water heater you will always have fresh hot water at your fingertips. Call us today to discuss your options with an Elgin plumbing professional.

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Lower Energy Bills
By providing Elgin and the surrounding areas with plumbing services and extensive product options, we help our clients save upwards of 35% energy savings with a tankless water heater. Premium tankless water heaters are designed to be highly efficient and only heats water as it is needed, a revolutionary advantage over the inefficient, overly sized tank heaters. The average cost of a tankless unit is about $1500.00. The savings on gas and electric per month is about $30, which means that in 5 years, the unit will pay for itself.


Endless Supply of Hot Water
Tankless water heaters are just like having hot water on tap, supplying any water source with endless streams of hot water on-demand. Unlike traditional hot water heaters, the hot water is not limited to the amount a storage tank heater can hold. Whether you are taking a hot bath, washing the dishes, or even washing your clothes, tankless water heater technology will give you hot water anytime you need it — even all at the same time!


Tankless water heaters are expected to have an average life of up to 20 years. This is a no-brainer. That’s double the life of a tank style unit!


Sustainable and “Green”
All premium tankless water heaters have earned the ENERGY STAR approval by exceeding the strict energy efficiency rules established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy, by using less energy and preventing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Elgin Backflow Testing, Repair & Installation

Our service areas are within Kendall, Cook, Dupage & Kane Counties

Commercial and domestic properties that have backflow systems cannot operate legally without a backflow preventer in place. It is required as a safety measure to prevent the polluting of the water mains. Backflow systems have to be tested every year.

So what exactly is backflow prevention and why is it so darn important?

When water enters a home or business, the backflow preventer separates the clean water from the contaminated water, keeping everyone safe.

elgin, il backflow testingAll of the water that flows through the pipes, water heaters and showers enters from the main flow. This water is contained under extreme pressure in those water mains.

If the water pressure does not stay balanced at all times, you’ve got a catastrophe on your hands. The high-pressure water in houses and businesses can flow backwards into the main.

That’s fine if the water is clean, but if it is in a tank with chemicals, for instance, the backflow would be a toxic disaster for anyone that comes in contact with the contaminated water.

To maintain the separation of clean water from contaminated water,  we provide backflow testing for homes and businesses in Chicago, IL and the surrounding areas.

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There are Several Types of Backflow Preventers

Call a Fox Valley Plumbing & Backflow Professional to inspect your backflow system or provide backflow testing so that you can have the peace of mind that your home or business is up to code.

  • Other backflow preventers use an air gap and a release valve to control any backflow of polluted waters. The polluted water spills out on the ground before it can come near the water main.
  • The strongest ones have two air gaps and several valves to make contamination impossible, as long as everything is working properly.
  • The basic models look like an L sticking up out of the earth, ones mandated for new sprinkler systems for example.

Backflow preventers certified testers have to be re-certified every year, making surebsi_online they stay up to date with the fast changes technology and the appropriate pressure specs for various models of valves.

Though it may be annoying to inspect your backflow system every year, it is vital for the protection of our water supply. Call us for your backflow inspection today.

Our experienced backflow technicians are licensed and bonded to test, inspect, repair, and install backflow preventers in all cities and counties throughout the state of Illinois.

Our Professional Plumbers are on Call 24 Hours a Day

Our experts at Fox Valley Plumbing can effectively plan and execute any of your plumbing and backflow needs. Industrial or commercial, we do it all.

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Emergency Plumbing

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Commercial & Residential Plumbing Services

Our plumbers are not only experienced but well-trained to handle industrial, commercial and household plumbing systems.

At Fox Valley Plumbing, we respond quickly since we believe that your plumbing problem is our problem too.

Our emergency plumbers have numerous resources and equipment at their disposal to ensure they arrive at your place promptly, diagnose the problem swiftly and offer the appropriate solution.

As part of our service to our clients, we inspect the whole plumbing system (for free) to detect and prevent future hitches.

When your sink, grease trap, sewer pipe, shower or toilet experiences a plumbing problem, call us and we will respond immediately by dispatching our team of professional plumbers.

Benefits of Our Emergency Plumbing Services With a Specialized and Considerate Approach

Our team of plumbers understands how significant your home or office is. For this reason, our emergency plumbers work tirelessly to diagnose and fix the plumbing problem. In case of a water leak, our team will do everything they can to protect your home, office, personnel, family or property.

Our emergency plumbing services also meet industry standards. Our emergency plumbers are not only qualified but also licensed to handle any problem that may arise in your plumbing systems.

A Straightforward Pricing System

All our plumbers are professionals who enjoy and take pride in the services they offer. For any plumbing work you may require, we will always tell you the cost upfront as soon as our plumbers arrive at your place. The plumbers will also update you regularly on the progress of the work, so you do not need to worry about any hidden costs, even on labor.

Excellent Customer Service and Guarantee on Our Work

At Fox Valley Plumbing, we have professional plumbers who have a great personality. After fixing the problem, they will clean up the place to remove any debris left over. They will also explain to you the plumbing problem in detail and in a simple language that you will understand.

Additionally, they will let you know what options or solutions are available to fix that plumbing problem. Fox Valley Plumbing offers a 100% guarantee on our work. Our guarantee is the best in Illinois.

If you have an emergency plumbing problem, contact us for top-notch emergency services at competitive prices. Our emergency plumbing services are available 24/7.

Our Exceptional Service Guarantee

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Commercial & Industrial Plumbing

Commercial Plumbing Services We Offer:

Our services have kept businesses “worry free” since we opened our doors. From high rises, to strip malls, to freestanding businesses, we have the manpower to service your business.

Our professional plumbers are on call 24 hours a day

At Fox Valley Plumbing and Backflow, we understand that every minute your plumbing system is down can hurt employee productivity and consumer confidence.

With 24/7/365 service, we can be there when you need us. We offer a broad range of plumbing services to fix any problem and get your business back to its normal operation.

Our experts at Fox Valley Plumbing can effectively plan and execute any of your plumbing and backflow needs. Industrial or commercial, we do it all.

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Faucet Repair Tips And Techniques

Faucets must be kept in a working condition because they are an inseparable part of the home and they are used almost everyday. However, faucets can be plagued by various problems such as leakages or making some noise. Therefore, faucet repair is a vital part of every home. A leaking faucet is a very common plumbing problem and one of the easiest problems to fix. Ignoring a faulty faucet only worsens the problem over time and may become very frustrating in the long run.

Image of a silver faucet with water running out of it.

Steps for Faucet Repair

  • In case there is any leakage you need to shut the water supply completely before removing the faucet. The water supply can be shut by shutting the main valve of the home or the valve in the sink. After that, it is important to ensure that the air pressure is released and the water remaining in the water line is drained completely. This will help save the water that could have been wasted due to the leakage.
Image of a leaking faucet dripping water.
  • After all the water has been drained, you can start dissembling the faucet parts.
  • Open the lever very carefully and remove any fragments from the faucet.
  • Examine the washer for damage and replace it with a new one. You can also replace screws in case they are damaged or too old. Always ensure that you buy screws that are of good quality in order to ensure that they will be durable.
  • Use lubricants like grease to lubricate the thread. This will help you get rid of noises made by the faucet.
  • Lastly, turn on the water and open your faucet in order to ensure that the leakage has been repaired properly.


For faucet repair, you need to determine whether you need to call a professional or whether you can repair the faucet on your own. Therefore, if you have all the necessary tools and equipment such as pliers, screwdriver and wrench, you can take up the task on your own.

However, it is vital to be equipped with the basic skills of repairing faucets. On the other hand, it is important to confirm the brand of the faulty faucet in order to ensure that you order the right parts. Moreover, you should ensure that you buy quality parts which are highly durable in order to avoid problems in the short run.

If you feel that the task will be difficult for you in any way, you can seek the services of a professional plumber to undertake the task of faucet repair. Give us a Call!

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Water Heater Installation & Repair

Water Heater Problems?

Occasionally we all experience the dreaded water heater problems. Most of the time the issues are an easy repair (pilot light out discharger or pan clogged).

Once in a while the problem grows into a big one. Things such as no hot water or a leaking water heater. This is when you want to call a specialists аt Fox Valley Plumbing.

Are you shopping for a nеw water heater in Dupage, Cook, Kane, Lake, or Kendall county? How do you know if you should repair your current water heater or just replace it with a brand new unit? Some of the most common symptoms that usually mean it’s time to replace your old water heater include but are not limited to:

How Long Will My Water Heater Last?

Well, it depends on the type of unit you choose. Traditional water heaters could last up to 10 years. Tankless water heaters should last 7 to 10 years longer. Hard water will kill the unit, but regular preventative maintenance will enhance the units life expectancy.


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Gas Line Services

Gas Piping Installation & Repair

When it comes to the safety of the gas lines supplying your home or business, you should only trust a licensed, professional.

Fox Valley Plumbing inspects, repairs, installs and replaces gas lines to assure they are safe and efficient for your home or business.

We always provide upfront written estimates with no hidden fees. Call and make an appointment that’s convenient for you.

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Sump Pump & Battery Backup Service & Repair

At Fox Valley Plumbing we use Zoeller sewage sump pumps.


Zoeller Pump Company has been manufacturing quality commercial and residential plumbing products for 75 years. All pumps carry a one-year manufacturer warranty.

All pump installations include up to 5′ of pipe, the pump of choice and one-year workmanship warranty.

If you get a written price quote from a plumbing contractor that’s lower than ours we will match that price. If your sewage or sump pump needs to be serviced or replaced, Fox Valley Plumbing are the pump experts you can trust for years to come.


Storm Pro Deluxe & Sumpro Platinum 

Zoeller 507 ProPack

For customers looking for the top of the line back up sump pump protection there is no question that the Storm Pro Deluxe and Sumppro Platinum systems will deliver the performance that is needed to give you, the customer, the peace of mind you desire.

What separates these systems from the rest is you get two full size pumps that are specially designed to fit into a sump basin. Most backup systems rely on a small plastic bilge-type DC pump plastic bilge-type DC pump for the backup.

Both the deluxe and platinum system includes the most innovative pump controller on the market, the Ion Genesis. It will continually monitor the system 24 hours a day with a digital display.

Ion Genesis will tell you the water level in the basin, the run time of your pumps and will alternate the pumps for even wear.

Sump pumps are the answer for the majority of basement leaking and flooding problems. Fox Valley Plumbing is a full service commercial and residential plumbing service. We will install a premium sump pump system in your basement that would direct excess water away from the basement foundation.

Your electric or battery powered sump pump system will release the water out of your pit or wherever local codes requires. If you do not have a basement we offer complete flood control systems.

From drain tile installation to basement waterproofing, we keep you dry with the finest sump pumps in Chicago, IL and the nearby areas.


If it has moving parts, it will always require maintenance. Sump pumps have several moving parts that must be properly maintained.

If you practice a reasonable amount of maintenance on your sump pump, you won’t have to replace as many parts in the long run. On some systems in a particular setting a specific unit could perform for years.

Take that same system without performing any preventative maintenance somewhere else could break down all year (each time a completely different part).

Test Regularly

It’s extremely vital to test your sump pump system regularly to assure it will perform at a high level the next time Niagara Falls rains from the heavens above.

Pour a bucket of water into your sump pit. If the motor does not come on call a Fox Valley Plumbing pro to inspect the problem. Be sure you pour in enough water in the pit to raise the float so it will activate the pumps motor.

For concerns that need the attention of a professional, you can also call us for sump pump repair in Chicago and the surrounding areas.

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Residential Plumbing

Local homeowners and businesses call on Fox Valley Plumbing for all their commercial and residential plumbing needs. We service Will, Kendal, Cook, Dupage, and Kane Counties.

When you need a plumber in any of these surrounding counties, it would be our pleasure to service your home or business.

Being centrally located in Elgin, Illinois we offer a swift and professional service, so call us now for a speedy as well as professional plumbing and backflow solution.

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Water Heater Repair & Sales

Our plumbers are licensed and have the resources and necessary expertise to repair both electric and gas water heaters.  Our team of professionals will repair the water heater and keep the hot water flowing so that you can enjoy the sanitation and comfort that you require.

As water moves through the water heater system, minerals and other sediments accumulate in the system and settle at the bottom. These sediments reduce the efficiency in the heater thereby making it heat water slowly and consume a lot of energy. If the water heater is not repaired, it may increase your energy bills as well as cause other parts of the system to malfunction. You can prevent this by requesting Fox Valley Plumbing to repair your water heater. Other than repairing it, we will check the whole system for any hitches to prevent future problems in the water heater system.


Tankless Water Heater Repair & Sales

Tankless water heaters are more durable, reliable, cost-effective and energy efficient than tank water heaters. For this reasons, many people across the world have installed them at their homes. Although they are durable, they require occasional repair or service so that they can function optimally. If the water temperature decreases or something else happens, it is advisable that you contact Fox Valley Plumbing for prompt sales or repair services at competitive prices.

Sump Pump Repair & Sales

Sump pumps are vital in preventing flooding in your home. If the sump pump fails to empty or kick out or the battery fails, then you will experience a problem. At Fox Valley Plumbing, we repair, replace and install sump pumps in and around Chicago Illinois. No matter the problem, our technicians will diagnose it quickly and replace or repair it appropriately and quickly. Our sump pump sales, repair and installation services are unbeatable.


Residential Plumbing Services

Our licensed and honest plumbers are always ready to fix any plumbing product or problem. If you want to repair, install or replace faucets, sinks, toilets, sewer lines, water heaters, grease traps or other plumbing products, contact us for the best plumbing services.

Our professional plumbers and technicians are licensed to repair, replace or service plumbing systems in commercial and residential properties. To ensure safety of our clients and our staff, our Company is fully bonded and insured.

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