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Equipped with the most technologically sophisticated and state of the art equipment, Fox Valley Plumbing technicians are available to provide you with rodding services for all of your drainage needs. Tree root infestations are one of the leading causes of sewer line blockages. This is especially common in older homes with less modern sewers.

Clay tile sewer lines in particular are quite susceptible to the roots of tree, bushes and big shrubs growing in through the connection points of the pipes that occur every couple of feet. The long thin roots form masses that can grow into tight balls and then grow until the fill the pipes in every direction. It is these root masses that act similar to filters. They often tend to catch toilet paper, hair, grease from your kitchen sink and other debris that that may caught in the system lines when they are washed down the drain and into the sewer system.

These obstructions are tough to deal with as a homeowner and should only be removed by trained professionals. Other things that can lead to sewer line issues are sagging pipes, foreign objects, collapsed pipes, broken pipes, or misaligned pipes. We have the means to diagnose and clear each one of these unique clogs and problems safely through our sewer line cleaning services in Elgin, IL and the surrounding areas.

Power rodding is a process that involves a high tech motorized rotating mechanical head on a cable that we can insert into a sewer line and piping. This powerful tool works to safely and efficiently to cut root masses and break through obstructions within the pipes. This clears the sewer line of any and all obstructions and root blockages that have built up over time. This sewer line cleaning method is modern, safe, effective, and efficient—absolutely safe for your pipes and safe for the environment.

Keeping your home or business drains free of roots and obstructions is a worthwhile endeavor. Tree roots can apply a lot of pressure to the system as they grow. They can even crush pipes rendering them useless. The costs associated with sewer line replacement are very expensive and disruptive. Power rodding can save you the hassle and expense of such repairs. To date, power rodding remains one of the best ways to deal with this invasive and irritating problem.

Though there are many problems that can arise and cause your sewer lines to clog and back up, there is one safe and easy solution; Fox Valley Plumbing. Our well trained plumbing professionals are well equipped with today’s technology, tools and many years of experience to handle all of your power rodding and drain cleaning issues in Chicago, IL and the nearby areas.

We not only clean up your clogged drain pipes and sewer lines, we also take care to keep your home or business clean while we work. Each time we provide sewer services, our plumbing experts use shoe covers, tarps, and drop cloths to protect surrounding areas from being soiled by efforts to clear drain blockages and the power rodding process. We not only make every effort to prevent this throughout the drain cleaning process, we also clean up our work area after power rodding.

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