Get Those Pipes Working Again With These Tips

Now is the right time to learn about plumbing. If you can fix small problems by yourself, you won’t have to hire a plumber and you can prevent large plumbing problems. Take a few minutes to read the incredible tips in the below article. If you do so, you’ll be pleased you took this time to learn more knowledge about plumbing in case any issues arise.

If you have pipes that make hammering and squeaking noises, you have one easy repair. Anchor exposed pipes to get rid of noises. Call a plumber to help with pipes that require you to cut a hole in a wall, ceiling or floor.

Think about what plumbing work you need, then schedule them all at once. This allows you to save up for necessary parts and equipment while saving money on hiring a professional. It also saves you money because a lot of plumbers charge by the hour–they cannot charge for multiple hours every trip if they only make one trip out.

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The Power Of Using Baking Soda & White Vinegar

Putting a cup of any kind of baking soda followed with a cup of white vinegar each month will keep your drain running smoothly. Cover the drain with a plug or rag as you wait for the chemical reaction between the vinegar and baking soda to happen in your pipes. Wait for a little while and then allow boiling water to go down the drain. This method should clear your pipes of accumulated hair and soap scum.

Use Plenty Of Cold Water

To keep your garbage disposal working at its best, use plenty of cold water when you turn it on. The cold water will help keep the blades nice and sharp and will allow for a much smoother disposal. When you use hot water, any grease that is in the garbage will melt and be more prone to stopping up your drain.

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An Improperly Installed Water Hose

Having water leaking into the dishwasher, however annoying, is luckily an easy fix. The hose that runs from the kitchen sink to the dishwasher is not installed properly, and can be corrected quickly. The hose going from the dishwasher to the sink must go downhill, and then uphill, to prevent water mixing from the two devices.

fox valley plumbing dishwasher water hose

It’s essential to know some basics about general plumbing and the specific plumbing in your home. You will be able to save yourself a bunch of money, plus many of your friends and family members will come to you for advice. You hopefully understand some plumbing basics now and had fun learning them.

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Elgin Illinois Water Quality Report

Consumer Confidence Report What Exactly Is It? 

U.S. Congress and then president Bill Clinton amended the Safe Drinking Water Act was passed in 1996. They added a provision requiring that all community water systems deliver to their customers a yearly consumer water confidence report.

The Law

The law states specific content for the annual reports & requires water systems to deliver these annual reports to all of their local customers. The Consumer Water Confidence Report details information about the origins of water, the levels of any thing foreign found in the water, & concurrent with other drinking water standards, as well as general educational information. U.S. EPA believe that reports will be brief and should fit on one or two pieces of paper. Most individuals would not  waste their precious time reading a report that contains so much information or is full of words most of us can’t understand.  Who’s Required To File a Consumer Confidence Report? All community water system that services at least 25 residents year round or that has at least 15 service connections must produce and distribute a consumer water confidence report. Cities, towns, homeowners associations, and mobile home parks are are included. A community water system that sells water (parent supply) to another community water system (satellite supply) must provide monitoring data and other information that will enable the satellite to produce a CCR.

When Must They Prepare and Deliver a Consumer Water Confidence Report?

The reports are based on calendar year data. The first report included sample data collected from January 1, 1998 through December 31, 1998, and was distributed to consumers by October 19, 1999. Beginning in 2000, systems must deliver reports for the previous year by July 1. Parent supplies must deliver information to their satellites (Elgin sells water to the Village of Sleepy Hollow) by April 19, and annually thereafter. The two systems may enter a contractual agreement that could result in an alternate delivery date of sample data to the satellite. View the City of Elgin, Illinois’s 2019 Consumer Water Confidence Report

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Fox Valley Plumbing & Backflow Licensed Plumbers Proudly Serving Chicag, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois: Cook county residents, Fox Valley Plumbing & Backflow Plumbing technicians are plumbing specialists who offer complete plumbing services for both residential and commercial clients.

Toilets, showers, sinks, water heaters, sump & sewage pumps, drains or sewer pipes–we know how important a quick response can be.

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Full Product & Service Warranties

All Services include a full one-year workmanship warranty. Call For Details!

Exceptional Service Guarantee

If you aren’t happy, neither are we. We strive to make YOU happy. At Fox Valley Plumbing, we make sure you understand everything we are providing, no fancy language with hidden costs.

At Fox Valley Plumbing & Backflow plumbing Services, your plumbing problem becomes our problem the moment you contact us.

We take pride in reaching your location promptly, diagnosing your plumbing issue quickly and taking action.

Fox Valley Plumbing & Backflow emergency plumbing service professionals bring with them all the specialized equipment typically needed to inspect, detect and repair burst pipes, major clogs, backups and other plumbing catastrophes.

We’ll explain the problem and solution and fix it right the first time. We’ll even help you prevent future plumbing problems by inspecting your entire system as part of our service to you.

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Barrington, Illinois – Fox Valley Plumbing and Backflow offers commercial and residential installation, maintenance and repairs of tankless water heaters of all kinds.

With our necessary certifications, license and training our job is to assure are customers are treated in a professional and knowledgeable manner

In 2018 the trend in the market say’s tankless water heaters are preferred over traditional water heaters.

There are three reasons why the popularity of tankless water heaters are growing. One, tankless water heaters save space as they are wall-mounted and do not require large storage tanks. Two, they have greater energy efficiency as they avoid the need to heat and reheat water in a storage tank. Three, they have an increased life of nearly 15 – 20 years.

Fox Valley Plumbing and Backflow has an experienced and skilled team that service all models of tankless water heaters.

You have a few options when it comes to choosing a tankless hot water heater.

Option #1 Non-Condensing Tankless Water Heaters

Non-condensing tankless water heaters – these heaters much like a condensing tankless water heater the non-condensing tankless water heaters will push the exhaust gases out a vent to the outside.

They will cool outside the unit. These gases are around 300 degrees and need special materials for the venting to withstand the temperatures and not corrode which usually prove to be very expensive.

Option #2 Condensing Tankless Water Heaters

Condensing tankless water heaters – these water heaters extract heat from exhaust gases through different means and produce cooler gases around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. These cooling gases produce condensation inside the unit.

The efficiency of the unit goes up because you can use cheaper ventilation materials as the gases are cooler.

By capturing the residual exhaust heat to heat the water, the unit has achieved a higher efficiency. There are factors that need to be taken into account with this unit as it may not always condensate.

Surrounding air temperature and air humidity can affect condensation. Since the exhaust gases have cooled inside the unit, the condensation is now inside the unit as well.

This is where the heat exchanger comes into play. This part must be made of better materials to withstand the corrosive nature of the gases. These are usually made of stainless steel alloy.

The collected condensation needs to be fully neutralized before it can be drained outside. This is usually done by special fertilization or dilution.

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Option #3 Hybrid Tankless Water Heaters

Hybrid tankless water heaters – these water heaters fill that gap by combining the higher hot water output of a tank heater with the endless heating capacity of a tankless.

And in recent years, manufacturers have introduced different variations on the theme.

What the hybrids have in common, though, is that unlike tankless heaters, they use the same gas and venting hookups as a conventional tanks.

Some hybrid tankless water heaters have been known to pump out upwards of 180 gallons an hour. That’s a lot of hot water!

If you require any assistance in selecting and finalizing the tankless water heater that best suits your needs or want to know more about your options, contact our customer service staff, they will take pleasure in guiding you.

Fox Valley Plumbing and Backflow provides installation and repair services most top brands. Our team is capable of handling most service request with various tankless water heater brands and models.

Need to arrange for a repair, installation or need assistance in choosing a tankless water heater, Fox valley Plumbing and Backflow is just a call away.

You can call our main customer service number located in the top right corner of this webpage.

You can also contact us by filling out the online request form available to the right of this page.

Provide us with your name, email, contact number, model number, zip code, and problem description and you will have our technician call back directly ASAP.

Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority, and we ensure you receive second to none service. Quality satisfaction guaranteed…

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The Plumbing in your home or business is bound to have issues, even if we safeguard with thorough plumbing preventative maintenance plans in place. You may think its only happened to you, but trust us when we tell you that is not the case. Everyone has plumbing issues and there are a few well known plumbing problems that happen to most, if not all, homeowners & business owners. The key is to not panic and know who to call for help. Make sure they are available 24/7 and are a fast response company.   Drain Problems It happens ever-day. In restrooms the problem is generally caused by hair or soap scum clogging up the drain. In the kitchens it could be greasy food or oils that may get into the sink. Your Solution Most of the time these are not emergencies and you don’t need to call your plumber at 4 am, depending on how bad the blockage is, you may want to call your technician as soon as the regular business hours resume. TIP: Use a hair strainer in your drain and avoid dumping leftover oils in your sinks. A Running Toilet That annoying noise. The continuous sound of water running that for some reason sounds like money running downing the drain. While your toilet may not be giving away cash, you are. The facts are your water is constantly filling the bowl, which will increase your water bill. TIP: Fix it as soon as possible. Your Solution This can be an easily resolvable problem or it can be something that needs to be seen to at once. It all depends on the severity of the ‘run’ and calling your local plumber in, will be at your discretion. Visually assess the problem and make a decision if it needs to be seen to immediately or if it can wait until the A.M. We’d advised that you do have it fixed asap in order to save cash for other things besides costly utility bills.

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Drippy Faucets & Fixtures Ahh yes, the pleasing sound of dripping water that can completely drive a person insane (you hear it)…  If you believe that losing a drip or three of h20 is no big deal remember that every drop counts. Bottom line: It will have an impact on your utility bill. Your Solution Now of course this is not an emergency, unless the sound is driving you crazy. Get it looked at as soon as possible. It’s not a complicated problem to resolve. Leaking fixtures and running toilets are not a good combination when it comes to saving money. Unmaintained leaky fixtures could also have side effects on your plumbing system as a whole. This could possibly cause your fixtures to rust or act as a catalyst for mold growth. Low Water Pressure Low water pressure can equate to a frustrating shower or long wait time for a bath to fill up. There are several reasons this could be happening.  It could be the age of your plumbing system, your plumbing system setup or issues with the local water supply. Your solution If the problem lies with the local municipal water supply this could be difficult to repair. If the problem is the age of your system, we can fix that. If you. Have a leak and you cannot determine it’s origins, call a skilled professional to resolve this as quickly as possible. Busted Water Pipe This-one thing can ruin a whole property. If your pipes are too old or damaged in any way due to severe weather conditions such as the aftermath of a hurricane or roots growing through and around your piping, you might be cleaning up gallons and gallons of water sooner or later.. Your home will be waterlogged and you will lose precious memories and valuables in the process. Your Solution Call an emergency plumber immediately before the damage to your property becomes completely irreparable. Fox Valley Plumbing & Backflow Stand behind our Exceptional Service Guarantee. We offer a variety of plumbing services and should you live in or around Elgin, Il and are in need of an emergency plumbing service, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. Remember we are here to serve you…

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At Fox Valley Plumbing & Backflow, we provide professional sewer drain cleaning services at a competitive price. Our representatives are always available anytime you need us to schedule your drain service emergency.

Why You Should Choose Fox Valley Plumbing & Backflow:

Drain cleaning, sewer cleaning or our full service plumbing check-up, call our team of professional and well trained plumbers.

Fox Valley Plumbing & Backflow plumbers in Elgin, Illinois take pride in our work. Whether we’re a fixing a clogged bathroom drain in your home or business or taking care of a clogged sewer drain outside, we have you covered.

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Call on Fox Valley Plumbing & Backflow for all of your drain cleaning solutions:

      • Clogged Kitchen Drains: When soaps, fats, grease, and food go down your kitchen drain, the inner walls of your kitchen pipes can easily be clogged with buildup, causing an unwanted blockage.


      • Clogged Bathroom Drains: Hair, soap buildup, toothpaste, grime, toilet paper, and other bathroom products can all do serious damage to your drains over time and cause major plumbing issues.


      • Clogged Utility Room Drains: Dirt, debris, and other messes can clog floor drains in basements or utility rooms, leading to poor drainage and the potential for flooding.


      •   Clogged Sewer Drains: The sewer drain transports your home’s gray and black water to the sewer. Any blockages can cause significant problems.


    If your drain is running slow or is simply clogged up, you know who to call.

    At Fox Valley Plumbing & Backflow, we have the latest technology to assure an effective sewer & drain cleaning service that will get your plumbing system back up and running
    like new.

    Our goal is to bring you the comfort and convenience in your home you deserve.

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Do you have basic plumbing skills? Can you tell if the plumbing in your home needs work? Would you like to learn ways to make plumbing improvements yourself?

If you have decided to learn more about how to better maintain your home’s plumbing, read on for some ideas. The advice in this article will show you how to streamline your own plumbing.

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Because pipes have a tendency to freeze in the winter months, it’s a good idea to insulate pipes that are in colder spaces. Think about crawl spaces, basement bathrooms, outside water sources, etc.

Insulation can be wrapped around pipes, and is available at any hardware store. Proper insulation will save your pipes from any damage, and as an added bonus, your hot water will stay a lot hotter as it travels from the water heater.

When attempting to tighten a pipe, you should know that over-tightening the pipe is bad news. Only tighten until leaks are stopped, because going further can damage threads, and maybe cause pipe cracks.

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Pump your septic tank every five years to keep it working well. Doing this prevents any sediment from getting built up within the tank, which causes a backup in your home or causes your entire septic system to fail.

Although it could cost a good deal of money to pump out your septic tank, it will cost a lot more having to clean sewage backup or having to fix or replace a septic tank.

Property owners have the option of installing flood alarms to alert them of flooding danger. Flood alarms work on the same principle as smoke alarms.

They run on batteries and will have an alarm go off when they touch water. Flood alarms can alert you to leaks or potential floods.

Now that you have the advice in hand, you can get going on taking care of your own plumbing needs. These new ideas may help yield positive results in your work. If they do not work, keep trying until you get pleasant results!

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Are you in need of commercial water heater services?

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Plumbing problems is something everyone wants to avoid. Having a pipe that is leaking and increases your water bill or the risk of flooding your residence, is not a happy scenario.

Neither is being left without hot water or drain issues. Although when the residence has a significant age, these problems will start to appear, due to extended usage of pipes and equipment.

So what do you do in this cases? Keep the phone number of a reliable plumber on the first pages of your agenda. A serious plumber will be able to respond to your problems and solve them, in the shortest period possible. Thus, you avoid any other severe damages.


Having a damaged pipe in your house means additional costs. You may face the need to replace your floors, as the humidity excess will deteriorate them.

The walls can also suffer because of water leakages, so besides spending money on repairing your plumbing, you will also have to redecorate. Issues regarding your water system in your residence should not be ignored.

So make sure you will find a reliable plumber before all these happen. Ask for recommendations from your friends or family, and see if they had a pleasant experience with any plumbers in the area. Also, you can search on the Internet the local plumbing services in Elgin, and check out the reviews left by customers of the plumbing company’s webpage.

Also, look for plumbers that can offer you complete services. High sump pump maintenance or repairing processes for the water heater is also something of your concern. You probably don’t want to have a plumber for every problem that might appear.

The best way to go through these matters is to have a single, but reliable, plumber, with whom you can communicate at all time and who knows what previous works have been done on your property.

You might be in the situation where you live in an old building. In this case, problems may appear when the draining system gets clogged by the gathered debris. Or when an old pipe is starting to cave in. A good plumber will always know about these matters and find a rapid way of solving your problem.

It may not be that difficult to find a good plumber. You just need to pay attention to the quality of services he is willing to offer. You want to make sure your money is well spent, and you won’t have plumbing issues soon after the plumber took care if your issue.

Follow the feedback that is given by former customers and the reputation an individual plumber or plumbing company manage to create in the area. These might give you a piece of mind when you’ll have to choose your plumber.

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Sump Pump Repair (Before And After)

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