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Consumer Confidence Report What Exactly Is It? 

U.S. Congress and then president Bill Clinton amended the Safe Drinking Water Act was passed in 1996. They added a provision requiring that all community water systems deliver to their customers a yearly consumer water confidence report.

The Law

The law states specific content for the annual reports & requires water systems to deliver these annual reports to all of their local customers. The Consumer Water Confidence Report details information about the origins of water, the levels of any thing foreign found in the water, & concurrent with other drinking water standards, as well as general educational information. U.S. EPA believe that reports will be brief and should fit on one or two pieces of paper. Most individuals would not  waste their precious time reading a report that contains so much information or is full of words most of us can’t understand.  Who’s Required To File a Consumer Confidence Report? All community water system that services at least 25 residents year round or that has at least 15 service connections must produce and distribute a consumer water confidence report. Cities, towns, homeowners associations, and mobile home parks are are included. A community water system that sells water (parent supply) to another community water system (satellite supply) must provide monitoring data and other information that will enable the satellite to produce a CCR.

When Must They Prepare and Deliver a Consumer Water Confidence Report?

The reports are based on calendar year data. The first report included sample data collected from January 1, 1998 through December 31, 1998, and was distributed to consumers by October 19, 1999. Beginning in 2000, systems must deliver reports for the previous year by July 1. Parent supplies must deliver information to their satellites (Elgin sells water to the Village of Sleepy Hollow) by April 19, and annually thereafter. The two systems may enter a contractual agreement that could result in an alternate delivery date of sample data to the satellite. View the City of Elgin, Illinois’s 2019 Consumer Water Confidence Report

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