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What Causes a Pipe to Leak?
When pipes corrode, they leak and cause many unwanted problems to your home.

High Water Pressure:
High water pressure can cause wear and tear on your pipes. Water running through your pipes at high speeds can cause your pipes to burst or leak.

Tree Roots:
Roots of trees, bushes and big shrubs growing in through the connection points of the pipes can cause obstructions that are tough to deal with as a homeowner.

The long thin roots form masses that can grow into tight balls and then grow until they fill the pipes in every direction causing them to leak.

Keeping your home drains free of roots and obstructions is a worthwhile endeavor. Tree roots can apply a lot of pressure to the system as they grow. They can even crush pipes rendering them useless.

Power rodding can save you the hassle and expense of such repairs. To date, power rodding remains one of the best ways to deal with this invasive and irritating problem.

Broken Water Line or Leaking Pipe in Elgin IllinoisTemperature Changes:
Winter in Elgin and most of Illinois, brings snow, ice and plummeting temperatures that can wreak havoc on plumbing. A ruptured water line can cause extensive, costly damage and disrupt your life or business.

Make sure you winterize your property outdoors, draining pools and irrigation systems and hoses, insulating and covering outdoor faucets and securing doors and windows in garages and outbuildings with water supplies.

Foundation Shifts:
Small shifts in your home’s foundation as it settles over time can create your water lines to move, causing them to disconnect or rupture.

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