new-naeca-regulations-2015Authorities have been looking to change the requirements regarding some home appliances, which consume primary resources, such as water heaters.

Soon, there will be the need for every homeowner to have a water heater that is more energy efficient. Initial changes are set to take effect on April 16th, 2015. It will be introduced through the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act or NAECA.

Because it is indeed somewhat of a forced investment, consumers are already pointing to the greedy powers that be. They’re accused of purposely driving up the cost of living. Although sometimes that may look like the case, this time it seems the consumer was high on the list of priorities.

If you add it all up, energy consumption that is, having energy-efficient appliances for your home or business makes sense financially.

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Homeowners should not be worried, it gives them a chance to upgrade their appliances. The new water heaters are made with the same sized dimensions as the older units. The new units have thicker walls, to reduce heat loss.

Only in very rare cases, the upgraded water heater will have to be put in a larger enclosure. Always ask for the help of a professional plumbing contractor to help you out with choosing and installing the right energy-efficient water heater. Get ready to save cash with your new-age water heaters.

The new NAECA regulations are not only applicable to homeowners, but also for business owners. Business owners will also enjoy an upgrade in technology and an increase in sales. They’ll have to stock the upgraded water heaters for sure. Next, they will have to discard and/or claim a loss on the units they can no longer sell.

Not to mention they are going to need one for their place of business and their home. All businesses who are interested in upgrading to a larger water heater for their place of business should do so now. Experts are predicting a substantial increase in pricing.

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