Hot Water Heater Repair & Replacement in Barrington, Illinois

Your old gas or electric water heater is not heating like it’s supposed to.

If you have ever been in a cold shower against your will then you know there are not many more stressful situations, or annoying than wanting to take a hot shower and learning you have no hot water.

What! Really! No one wants a cold shower in the dead of winter. (Except maybe…. never mind). Trust, here at Fox Valley Plumbing and backflow we understand. That is why we are here to help. Fox Valley Plumbing would like to serve you with all your water heater service needs!

Your old gas or electric water heater is not heating like it’s supposed to. Maybe it’s leaking or too hot? Fox Valley Plumbing and backflow is here to help, and we’ve got everything you need to keep your baths hot but not too hot.

So you can enjoy long showers of you so desire. Our professional plumbers are experienced and capable of taking care of all brands water heaters, electric and gas. We service commercial water heaters for your business and for your home. We use Bradford White water heaters for all our standard installs.

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Fox Valley Plumbing use high quality, high efficiency contractor grade units with reliable warranties. We work with all size electric and gas water heaters. Fed regulations have changed many of the options for larger (60, 75 and 80 gallon tanks) so we would be happy to talk to you about your options.

Electric Hybrid heaters and tankless water heaters have become the favorite upgrade for those oversized tank heaters of the past. Several commercial settings are moving to tankless water heaters as well, both for efficiency and extra space.

And guess what? “It doesn’t have to be expensive.”

Trust and believe we get it. After all, Fox Valley Plumbing and Backflow has been owned and operated by an Elgin Illinois family, just like yours, for nearly 15 years. That’s why here at Fox Valley Plumbing and Backflow, we’re doing everything we can to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your new Gas, Electric, or Tankless water heater, and to keep the price as low as we can make it.

As you know, all of our units come with a manufacturer warranty, to make sure that our work and your new water heater are in top working condition for as long as we can reasonably expect them to.

Our plumbers are trained and extremely skill educated, ensuring that you are getting precisely what you want out of your gas or electric water heater.

If you are the one that took a bath this morning and were upset to learn that you can’t even fill your tub before the faucet spits out all of Antarctica. Or possibly you’re the last one to take a shower on that family visit weekend and let’s just say it wasn’t hot. Maybe you son ran his dirt bike into it, and now it leaks.

Whatever the reason, and whatever the need, Fox valley Plumbing and Backflow wants to be your water heater service provider.

We will make your showers Hot again!

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