The April rains are our friends but the flooding, leaks, mold, and other plumbing hazards they can cause will put a poop on your party. The good news is with a little preparation you can avoid all the mess that goes along with a flooding home…

Beat The Storm

Be Sure Your Home Has A Good Sump Pump System: Does your area get hit with tons of water? If you live in Illinois, the answer is yes. It’s time to ponder a sump pump system. Sump pumps redirect water from your home to the outside. If your basement sits below the water table and is a continual flood hazard it would be a good idea to get a backup support sump pump system during a big storm. Large volumes of water will rush into your basement if you do not have the correct system in place.

Remove Clutter: Make sure storm gutters and drains cleared of all debris. It’s a good practice to routinely inspect your water flow stays free. This will ensure your pipes remain free of debris to prevent blocked pipes.

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After A Bad Storm

Watch for Mildew: Mildew is caused when moisture accumulates in dark places where not a lot of air flows. Not only can it destroy things, but it can seriously cause issues with your health (and possibly could affect the resale value of your home).

Mildew Can Be Recognized by:

  • Visible mold (generally, black texture)
  • Stinky smell
  • Peeling drywall
  • Breathing issues


Mildew isn’t just limited to basements. Check for moisture or smells in your floors and walls. Slow pipe leaks as well as steady leaks can go without being noticed for a long time. This is what leads to treacherous Mildew growth. Also over time it can cause critical issues to your home’s foundation.

Run the Tap Water: Run your shower & sink faucets. If you notice a slow down in the water pressure, it might mean that you have a busted pipe or leak of some kind caused by heavy rains. Be sure you keep an eye out for dirt, debris, or generally funny colored water. This could signify damaged or corroded pipes.

Watch for Blocks: Pipes can become backed up after rainstorms due to debris deposited into storm drains and downpipes during storms. This type of clog is best left to the pros — not corrosive cleaners.

Call a Pro: If you’re unsure how to detect or repair plumbing damage caused by storms, it’s best to call the pros. Fox Valley Plumbing & Backflow’s professional plumbers have the expertise and tools needed to replace sensitive plumbing components like sump pump sensors, pipes, and fittings.

At the first sign of storm damage, call Fox Valley Plumbing & Backflow to keep your plumbing flowing…

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