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At Fox Valley Plumbing we use Zoeller sewage sump pumps. Zoeller Pump Company has been manufacturing quality commercial and residential plumbing products for 75 years.

All pumps carry a one-year manufacture warranty. All pump installations include up to 5′ of pipe, the pump of choice and one-year workmanship warranty.

If you get a written price quote from a plumbing contractor that’s lower than ours we will match that price. If your sewage or sump pump needs to be serviced or replaced, Fox Valley Plumbing are the pump experts you can trust for years to come.

Satisfaction is always our number one goal, just read the reviews of our plumbing services to see for yourself.

**Current Backup Sump Pump Promotion**

Changing pumps can be a messy job and if not done right could cause extensive damage to your home, investment, or business. For this reason we are a fully insured, bonded, and licensed contractors in the state of Illinois.

The technician sent to your home will always be a licensed plumber and all employees are drug tested with full background checks to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

For customers looking for the top of the line back up sump pump protection there is no question that the Storm Pro Deluxe and Sumppro Platinum systems will deliver the performance that is needed to give you, the customer, the peace of mind you desire.

Call (847) 624-3872 for any of your sump pump repair or installation questions.

What separates these systems from the rest is you get two full size pumps that are specially designed to fit into a sump basin. Most backup systems rely on a small plastic bilge-type DC pump plastic bilge-type DC pump for the backup.

Both the deluxe and platinum system includes the most innovative pump controller on the market, the Ion Genesis. It will continually monitor the system 24 hours a day with a digital display.

Ion Genesis will tell you the water level in the basin, the run time of your pumps and will alternate the pumps for even wear.

Call Fox Valley Plumbing for more information about getting one of these industry leading systems installed in your home or business today.

**Current Backup Sump Pump Promotion**

Sump pumps are the answer for the majority of basement leaking and flooding problems. Fox Valley Plumbing is a full service commercial and residential plumbing service. We will install a premium sump pump system in your basement that would direct excess water away from the basement foundation.

Your electric or battery powered sump pump system will release the water out of your pit or wherever local codes requires. If you do not have a basement we offer complete flood control systems.

From drain tile installation to basement water proofing, we keep you dry with the finest sump pumps in Chicago, IL and the nearby areas.

Call (847) 624-3872 for any of your sump pump repair or installation questions.

Replacement Pumps

If it has moving parts, it will always require maintenance. Sump pumps have several moving parts that must be properly maintained.

If you practice a reasonable amount of maintenance on your sump pump, you won’t have to replace as many parts in the long run. On some systems in a particular setting a specific unit could perform for years.

Take that same system without performing any preventative maintenance somewhere else could break down all year (each time a completely different part).

Test Regularly

It’s extremely vital to test your sump pump system regularly to assure it will perform at a high level the next time Niagara Falls rains from the heavens above.

Pour a bucket of water into your sump pit. If the motor does not come on call a Fox Valley Plumbing pro to inspect the problem. Be sure you pour in enough water in the pit to raise the float so it will activate the pumps motor.

For concerns that need the attention of a professional, you can also call us for sump pump repair in Chicago and the surrounding areas.

Be Smart Consider a Backup

**Current Backup Sump Pump Promotion**

When your home experiences a power outage, thats a feeling no one should have to experience. If your primary sump system fails, a battery backup sump pump will come to your rescue, keeping you dry and safe.

Call Fox Valley Plumbing and put that worry to rest.

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