Have you ever thought how much water you can save by going green??
Water efficient toilets can save you as much as 30% of your water usage. We can install water efficient shower heads, accounting for nearly 17% of residential indoor water usage- for the average family, that’s nearly 40 gallons per day! Most standard shower heads use 2.5 gallons per minute.

Tankless water heaters provide you with an endless supply of hot water whenever you need it. Even for multiple tasks, such as, laundry, showers and dishes. Tankless water heaters are designed to help cut your energy uses, and the cost that go with it.

Go green with our Eco friendly drain cleaner, Bio clean. Bio-clean drain cleaner uses the same principal to biodegrade organic waste that builds up in your plumbing system.

Or try our foaming root killer, It’s a proven solution and treatment. Rootx promotes bacterial growth that assists in the decomposition of dead roots. For over a decade, thousands of municipalities and Professional Drain Cleaners have relied onRootX for their maintenance solution. Stay tuned with Fox Valley Plumbing for future Go Green methods and plumbing tips.

Why Choose Green Plumbing Solutions?

At Fox Valley Plumbing, we offer a variety of green options that will keep your home running smoothly, while also being friendly to the environment. The changes may be small, but you’ll see some big benefits. If you’re on the fence about going green, we’ve got a few good reasons to consider checking out these services.

1. Saving Water Saves You Money

Who doesn’t like saving money? Water efficient Faucets & Fixtures and systems will reduce your monthly water usage, giving you a lower bill. Keep that money in your pocket! Ask about all of the ways that saving water can save you money each month.

2. Keep Your Home Healthy

Just like cleaning products, some plumbing supplies contain chemicals. If you’re concerned about the use of chemicals in your home, biodegradable solutions (such as our most popular product Bio Clean) are a great option. You’ll keep your home, and the air inside of it, clean and healthy.

3. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Those who are interested in ways to help the environment will want to look for opportunities to reduce their daily impact. Some will carry cloth grocery bags and others will purchase energy efficient appliances. Why not ask your plumber about installing a water saving shower head as well?

4. Green Options are New and Improved

Many people have a negative impression of water saving systems (see our tankless water heater solutions). However, big improvements have been made to make these choices more convenient. For example, water efficient toilets now have two flush options. If you’ve disregarded green options in the past, it might be time to take another look.

5. Stay Ahead of the Game

Green choices are becoming increasingly popular. Get in the game by adopting some green elements in your home’s plumbing system. You’ll be talking up the benefits to your friends in no time. You’ll also be able to use the updates to your advantage if you consider putting your home on the market later.

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